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Unlike residential loans that are typically offered to individuals; commercial real estate loans are often given to business entities (for example corporations, trusts, developers and more). And in most cases, getting a loan sanctioned for business property is far more difficult than getting a residential loan. Although there is no difference in the financial documents required by the lending agencies to ascertain the loan eligibility of the borrower, but there are a number of differences in the loan for commercial property and residential loan.


Let’s take a look at how commercial real estate loans differ from residential loans

  • Lesser Loan-to-Value (LTV) Ratio:

For residential funding the LTV ratio usually ranges between 75% and 90%, however for commercial properties, the LTV can be as low as 55%. This ensures more self-contribution by the borrower in the case of loan for commercial property.

  • Higher fee:

The processing fee in the case of residential purchases (by an individual) is a fixed amount of Rs. 10000; whereas for commercial purchases, fees can be as high as 1% of the total loan amount.

  • Higher Rate of Interest (ROI):

One can expect a much higher interest rate on commercial properties as compared to residential ones (at least 1-2% higher).

  • Loan tenure:

The loan tenure offered in the case of residential properties can be upto 30 years, but for commercial properties, it is typically restricted to 5 to 10 years. One thing to keep in mind is that higher monthly instalments always mean lower total interest cost.

  • Debt-Service Coverage Ratio:

When lending a loan to purchase a commercial property, the lenders always consider debt-service coverage ratio (DSCR). DSCR compares a property’s net operating income (NOI) and annual mortgage debt service to get a measure of the property’s actual capability to service its debt. A DSCR value of less than 1 indicates a negative flow of cash. Normally commercial lenders look for a DSCR of 1.25 or more to ensure an adequate cashflow.

  • Builder category:

Usually the loan lenders are very particular about the builder&8217;s profile especially if the property is still under-construction. Concern about whether the construction will complete on time is of paramount importance. For this, they do study the previous projects for timely delivery.

It is generally observed that a commercial property takes much lesser time to be constructed as the number of occupants per building is quiet lower than residential projects.

  • Minimum Area:

Lending agencies usually prefer funding a minimum area. Except for small spaces called vanilla (normally used for bank ATMs), lenders do not prefer funding spaces lesser than 250 sq. ft. As there are no fixed criteria regarding the minimum area, the decision lies with the lending agency.

While evaluating commercial real estate loans, the lending agencies carry-out an extensive study about the loan’s collateral (credit-worthiness of the entity), including income tax returns, financial statements (3-5 years) and more.

Finally, we can conclude that although acquiring a commercial property can be a tad expensive with higher monthly instalments, shorter tenure and higher rate of interest; the return in such an investment is the reason to go for it. So, if your property qualifies for a commercial loan, then do not hesitate to go for it.

The word independent can be described as autonomous, unbound by another entities force, direction or will, or perhaps and most importantly freedom. But in the context of your financial advisory relationship independence means much, much more. To understand just why the independent financial advisor model is so vital to your long term financial success, you must understand the difference in advisory models from the ground level up. In fact, they may be nothing more than facilitators of brokerage transactions for insurance and investment products. According to a survey by Cerulli Associates, an industry polling and research firm, the channels of financial services models can be broken down into roughly six major categories:

National Full Service Brokerage &8211; These are firms such as Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. A financial advisor at one of these Retail Solutions Advisors firms works for their employer directly, but can provide financial advisor services and sell you insurance and investment products maximizing profits and enriching company value. There are approximately 70,000 financial advisors at national full service brokerage firms. Nearly half of all Registered Investment Advisor firms are also working with or through a broker-dealer at some level however to facilitate investment and insurance transactions.

Regional Full Service Brokerage &8211; These are smaller geographically specific brokerage firms such as Robert W. Baird, Edward Jones, and AG Edwards. Regional brokerage firms are nearly identical to their national counterparts in business model, however they&8217;re smaller in size and typically geographically anchored to service a smaller segment of investors. There are approximately 15,000 &8220;financial advisors&8221; at these smaller regional full service brokerage firms. These are banking institutions who also offer financial advisor and investment management services to their banking customers.

Independent Broker-Dealers &8211; These are firms such as LPL Financial Associated Securities Corp., Ameri prise and ING. A broker-dealer acts as either a sales organization selling consumers investment and/or insurance products OR as a buyer of securities. Some broker-dealers act in both capacities. There are approximately financial advisors at independent broker-dealers. Banks such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Citigroup offer these services and employ roughly 15,000 financial advisors. The words financial advisors are in quotations because these firms hold their employees out to the public in a financial advisor capacity, yet they may or may not be true financial advisors depending on their employment status.


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Taking houses on rents and giving our houses on rent is a ritual that has been followed globally now. We mean, can you think what would happen if there wasn’t a trend of renting? It is pretty obvious. Not everyone is capable of taking their own houses, so millions of people would be left astray without an accommodation. Also, people wouldn’t explore the world and wouldn’t come out of their hereditary ancestral houses.

asaSo this is was a very explanation of what could happen. Though we all know nothing like that is likely to happen. What we wanted to talk about is how the rental system is helping us today and has been helping people since centuries.

Now, today in this article we will be focusing on the city of Bangalore. Bangalore is a city which has recently come to the notice of a lot of people and especially the youngsters. Ever since the city is getting established as the IT hub of the country, the migration of people into the city has also increased rapidly. So many people come in looking for house for rent in Bangalore from different parts of the country and they sure should know about the current scenario of rental properties in the country.

Firstly, you have to know that Bangalore is a very popular city today and the city has attracted thousands of people from all throughout, you have to make sure that you fit in the city and work hard for making a living here.

The city has so many people who are coming here for various reasons. Now the reasons can be various. Some come here for getting some higher education and completing their advance courses. While some come here to take advantage from the innumerable it firms here and try to make their careers in the country.

And whenever people come here, they surely need some kind of accommodation for themselves. And when people come here for a limited time for some particular period, then they choose to live in rental apartments instead of buying houses. Obviously, buying houses for such small time is stupidity. And when people are planning to move into this city, they surely have to be well aware of where the rental system is heading in the city.

So here are few things about the rental system in Bangalore that you need to know before actually moving into the city,

  • The price- if you are looking for house for rent in Bangalore be sure about its price. The price of rental houses in Bangalore are different and varies.
  • The place- okay, so the prices vary from place to place. The price of the rent will differ in different areas. So if you want a house closer to your workplace or university, you might probably have to pay more than you will have o pay in a place a little away from the centre of the city.
  • The people- people in this city are really gem of people and if you are moving into the city, know that you will meet a very nice and educated landlord.

So these are some things that you should be knowing about the rental system in Bangalore. The city is an amazing place to live in. and the rental system is though a little expensive, but is very sorted and clear. So moving in here as a tenant should be a great experience.

In many situations real estate has a downside to it, especially if the property is very old and becomes hazardous to work or live in. This could require you to demolish the old building and build a new one. Demolition may also be necessary when you need to establish a new building instead of the old one. This is the time when you need to hire a demolition expert, suggests Focus Demolition. There are also times when you want to consider some massive home improvement project. There are various things you need to consider while attempting home improvement and you can learn about them on many blogs or internet pages available.

The Downside of Real Estate When to Seek Help from a Demolition Expert

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Demolition Company Instead of Doing It Yourself

It is not advisable to attempt any major demolition on your own because there are many hazards involved.

First of all, proper equipment is required to handle demolition work which an ordinary household does not possess. Demolition companies on the other hand have the right kind of advanced equipment.

Another reason to hire a demolition company is that once the demolition is accomplished you will be left with a lot of rubble which is difficult to dispose. You may think that you will save money by not hiring a demolition company, but actually you will end up spending more if you attempt this yourself. This is because you will have to rent equipment and then pay the waste disposal company, whereas demolition companies can easily deal with it.

It is also true that demolition can prove to be a physical hazard because of the falling heavy material. Some demolition jobs may also require the use of explosives which requires special expertise.

Finding a Good Demolition Company that Can Help You Get the Job Done

Most demolition companies nowadays have their own websites and by studying them you can determine the skills and expertise of the different companies. By comparing different companies you can ascertain the one that provides the best service at the most reasonable cost.

You should also take estimates from different companies and also discuss their modus operandi.

It is also important to look at the experience of the company which should be extensive to ensure that they have the necessary skills to handle your demolition work. They should use the most advanced equipment and technology and you should also read some reviews written by their previous clients. Most good demolition companies will be happy enough to provide you with such reviews, or you can read some of them on independent websites.

Hence, if you are considering major remodeling or changing your building you should hire a demolition company for your own safety.

Short Term Financing Benefits

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As the name indicates short term financing is financing that is for the short term. Most loans like home loans, car loans, student loans, business loans etc., are given for a long term. But there are loans which provide money for a short term of 3 months to 2 years. These loans are known as short term finance options. Short term financing is usually availed by people who need money for a short period of time. These loans are usually taken to meet unforeseen expenditure.

The biggest advantage of short term financing is that the interest rates are usually fixed. For long term loans it is usually a variable rate of interest unless explicitly mentioned that it is fixed. If an individual or business requires money for a short term then short term financing is the best option. Long term finance can take time to get sanctioned. A lot of paper work is needed and getting approvals can be a pain. But with short term finance, paper work is usually less and the time it takes to get the money into your account is also considerably lesser.

Businesses opt for short term finance when there is a short fall in operating capital or if there is a short fall in income or when there is some sort of financial emergency. Short term financing should be used only for the short term and this sort of financing should be an exception and not the norm. Businesses which use this sort of financing repeatedly usually fail as costs can grow alarmingly. Some of the preferred short term financing options for businesses is hard money loans, bridge loans, bank overdrafts etc. These loans have a high rate of interest and hence should be used sparingly.

There are many financial institutions that provide short term financing options. You can find a long list of institutions when you search on the internet. Visit each website and get to know about the company and see if they are in the business for a long time. Concerns that have been established a long time ago and still functioning well usually means that it is a trustworthy concern. You can select such a company to fulfil your short term finance needs. For bank overdrafts you can consult your bank and ask them to provide the lowest rate of interest. But remember to use short term finance only in emergencies and not as your main form of finance.

To know more, please visit: &8211; 2601 Main Street 400, Irvine, CA 92614, United States, Phone &8211; (949) 252-8020


Property differs than lots of other buys you help to make. The worth is exactly what someone is ready to pay. You could accumulate all the equipment that constitute the home and say the entire is $x bucks. &8216;The market&8217; might disagree and never want to pay for that a lot or due to position, scarcity or a great deal of additional factors the marketplace may expect you&8217;ll pay a lot more than your own total.

What&8217;s valuable in within the eye from the beholder. Location has become the first about the list. Supply as well as demand can also be very essential. If you will find 2 qualities available as well as 4 purchasers want them the cost starts in order to creep upward. If you will find 100 of these and just 10 buyers you know what happens? If the seller wants to market the cost has &8216;to satisfy the market&8217; quite simply come lower in cost.

There will also be fashions, that influence worth. Kitchens as well as bathroom are essential as they&8217;re seen because expensive to change. Media rooms might be popular this season but following year it might be butler&8217;s pantries for instance. Swimming swimming pools added value in certain suburbs however lowered this in other people and for some time people had been filling all of them in.

In apartments it&8217;s security, outdoor room and parking which could make an impact in worth.

In property it is very common for a realtor to give a viewpoint on such a property may be worth. This is known as a marketplace appraisal and it is quite not the same as a &8221;sworn valuation&8217; that is done with a qualified valuer. Many licensed realtors are competent valuers too but it&8217;s not automatic.

A competent valuer prepares the actual sworn valuation in an exceedingly methodical method. He/she may measure the actual dimensions from the land, the complete property and each one of the rooms inside the property. He/she will compare the home to end up being valued along with similar properties within the same region.

The newer sales the simpler it is perfect for the valuer to obtain an concept of what &8216;the market&8217; is actually prepared to cover similar properties within the same region. Two buildings might be identical but on the block associated with land the very same size in various suburbs will most likely have various valuations provided.

In a standalone house the actual major element of the home value will likely be the property. The valuer may calculate the present value from the land through comparisons, in which suburb and it will likely be expressed inside a $per sq . metre worth. The valuer will add a quantity for the actual improvements.

Improvement means anything more build on the market of property. The present cost of creating will impact his computation. Builders quotation another dollar per sq . metre figure to construct new. They might offer a variety of costs with respect to the quality from the finishes.

It&8217;s really a bit of the shock occasionally when a classic house on the large block inside a prestige suburb is actually valued from almost just land worth. It appears unfair to provide such small value towards the old home. I have experienced a merchant become annoyed when offered exactly the same amount like a similar house a few doors lower. She experienced hers had been worth a lot more because your woman had place new made of woll carpet within. Unfortunately those types of things might not add worth but might only assist sell the home faster.

Getting a Top Realtor In The info Age

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In the current ever-evolving electronic world, businesses tend to be continually upgrading their marketing techniques in looking for the best ways to achieve customers. This exact same principle pertains to the property business too. In the past, a top realtor was someone that may put an indicator in your own yard, perform several open up houses, and strongly market your house to their own network associated with buyer&8217;s brokers. And whilst these methods continue to be important, realtors today have to know how to make use of the Internet to appeal to prospective purchasers.

The Energy of Search engines

As all of us approach the actual 2020s, the old methods for being discovered are rapidly becoming outdated. Most individuals remember the times when a person listed a house, placed the actual listing within the local Weekend paper, advertised a good open home and introduced buyers. These days, the purchasing cycle offers radically transformed. In truth, over 92% associated with prospective house buyers search on the internet at a few point throughout their search. And along with Google in charge of a most of the Search on the internet market, chances are the majority of your prospects are likely to Google as opposed to the Sunday paper to locate their following home. A top realtor will understand the very best practices in seo (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) therefore their listings could be easily available on Google.

Video Informs your Story Much better than Text

Another point buyers anticipate today is a chance to do the virtual visit of homes they&8217;re interested within. This is among the reasons YouTube may be the second biggest online internet search engine (just their mother or father company Search engines is bigger). So whenever you locate a top real estate agent, ask all of them if they&8217;ll be making the video of your house, then request what they&8217;ll be doing in order to rank the actual video within YouTube so it will likely be seen through more potential customers.

Why Cellular Marketing Issues

Another region top realtors must be amply trained in these days is cellular marketing. An increasing number of consumers find their on the internet information using a tablet or even smartphone. Actually, the market gets so large that by March 2015, Google right now requires websites to become responsive &8211; that&8217;s, viewable upon all products &8211; to ensure that them to exhibit up within their search outcomes. Your real estate agent had better appreciate this fact and make sure that his/her personal website is actually responsive; otherwise consumers won&8217;t ever have the ability to find your own listings on the internet.

The Need for Social Press

A social internet marketing strategy is actually another greatly important bit of the property marketing cake. Top real estate agents today possess a strong existence on Myspace, Twitter along with other popular interpersonal outlets. This enables them to interact their groups of impact and place your itemizing out to some wider quantity of potential purchasers. In add-on, consumers tend to be far prone to refer a realtor when they&8217;ve developed the relationship together via social networking.

Top realtors in the actual 21st Hundred years are people with not just mastered the standard marketing techniques. With competition greater than ever, you&8217;ll need a realtor which understands the very best digital marketing techniques. With this particular critical understanding, you have a far greater chance associated with receiving a lot of money for your house and promoting it within the shortest feasible time.

Four Reasons To purchase Real Property

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So you&8217;ve some hard earned cash you wish to invest. There might be numerous choices, but maybe you have wondered exactly what most millionaires indicate as where to place your wagers on &8212; it&8217;s property. In economies for example Australia, property is the golden goose. If you stay about the residential street, the route is fairly straight as well as simple.

Anyway, if you&8217;re a little bit unsure on which experts say using their experience, and you&8217;re still suspicious about purchasing a piece associated with land along with something onto it, here tend to be four reasons that may convince a person.

1. It is Safer as well as Simple
Property works in a different way than additional investment choices like share. The fundamental difference may be the risk this carries; it is smaller. It&8217;s much less volatile as well as promises a stable income flow and positive income for a long time of period. Also, the residential housing market is better to understand and also to enter. There are numerous of individuals who actually grew to become investors once they realized exactly how their individual property&8217;s worth increased and that they could really generate money from it. So, if you feel you do not have knowledge as well as experience, all you should know is that there are plenty of people as if you out presently there and there are numerous people who&8217;re willing to obtain started as well as gain the data and experience you&8217;ll need.

2. Costs are Negotiable
Once more, comparing property assets along with shares within stocks, there&8217;s one apparent advantage. The buying price of the home is negotiable. For those who have the capacity to communicate, or use of a ingenious buyers&8217; broker, you can in fact get the home you need in a price you would like. Besides, at times and using areas there might be a variety of undervalued properties that you could invest within without busting your financial institution.

3. Taxes Breaks, Advantages, and Bonuses
Believe this or not really, the federal government wants you to purchase real property. Don&8217;t think us? Just consider the incentives as well as benefits you will get as a good investor. It is possible to write from the investment costs against taxes. And should you plan to market an expense property you&8217;ve held for greater than a year, you simply pay the administrative centre gains taxes on fifty percent the revenue. The federal government has a number of special incentives like the National Leasing Affordability Plan for investors thinking about affordable real estate. Having a great taxation adviser is important as you will find negative gearing possibilities as nicely. It is actually never smart to invest solely for that taxation advantages it offers but is among the ways expense property is a great investment.

four. You have been in Australia
Finally, the just reason you&8217;ll need is that you&8217;re in Sydney, and your own economy is actually thriving, supporting the blooming property agency. It&8217;s a market that&8217;s actually gaining lots of international attention too. Only lately, Chinese purchasers alone tend to be reported to become investing close to 44 million dollars within Australian property. All these types of signs signal an optimistic growth within the a long time, and consequently, real estate is actually an investment you are able to count upon.

Choosing A realtor To Sell Your house

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Have a person decided you have to sell your house? Are a person relocating to some new area for any new work? Are a person downsizing since your kids are away from home and away to university? Are a person retiring and seeking to move for an ideal pension location? Whatever the main reason you&8217;ve chosen to move it&8217;s time to market your a lot beloved house. Most people don&8217;t have experience selling our very own homes for this reason we turn to hire a realtor to checklist our house.

The first and many important part of selling your house is to choose the best selling broker. No matter the house you should find a real estate agent that focuses on selling this. If you&8217;ve got a luxury home it is advisable to work having a seller that&8217;s accustomed in order to selling luxurious homes. Selling a house on water requires the selling agent acquainted with selling houses in leisure settings. Homes which are within the golf community need a selling agent acquainted with golf programs and leisure areas through the area. Selling a house within a residential area subdivision; it takes a real estate agent with understanding of the places different subdivisions.

Listed here are two important ideas to consider whenever hiring a real estate agent to checklist and sell your house.

Find A real estate agent Who Is actually Friendly

You help to make know numerous area real estate agents that know the region and you think would end up being perfect to market your house. The issue lies inside the problem that originates from mixing company with enjoyment. Be careful when it comes to a realtor you realize on an individual basis. Much better than working along with someone only since you know all of them find someone who&8217;s friendly as well as involved inside the area. Choose someone who&8217;s reputable as well as well respected inside your community.

Prepare a good interview and ensure that all from the realtors you are thinking about are asked exactly the same questions so that them all with an even actively playing field. All the listing brokers should understand precisely what you expect like a seller too. Find a real estate agent who is actually friendly, responds well using the community, is trustworthy and completely is devoted to working together with your expectations like a seller.

Find A real estate agent Who Is actually Knowledgeable

With respect to the type associated with home you&8217;re selling your own agent should grasp that sector inside the real property community. For example, if you want to sell your own waterfront home it&8217;s pertinent that you simply choose the selling agent acquainted with selling lakefront homes along with the recreational package that accompany living upon water.

Check using the realtor regarding data which supports the marketplace value of your house including assimilation rates and also the time frame where it may potentially take these phones sell your house. If the actual agent is actually unwilling or unable to give you a genuine home appraisal thinking about the current marketplace conditions they are likely not the actual agent you are searching for.

Learn how to Speak Property &8211; Area

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Technically this just means the place where a property is actually located/situated. Whether it&8217;s a great location or even not isn&8217;t completely simple. It is really a bit such as beauty, it&8217;s in the attention of the actual beholder. For instance if We were a separate surfer a great location in my experience would be close to the beach, for the bushwalker perhaps an area with comfortable access to rose bush trails will be a better area than in the center of the CBD. It depends about the needs from the inhabitants. There are several people that swear which country living is the greatest, other like the bustle from the city.

When people make use of the term a great location they&8217;re usually referring as to the are usually considered positive reasons for a area. Is it on the quiet road? Not lots of people would select a busy road instead of a peaceful street however, many do since the noisy road is cheaper also it gives the buyer a more economical option. Try to find the high side from the street when the land is on the slope. Look carefully where the main property encounters north. (Study No. four Aspect, Element, Aspect).

Could it be close in order to public transportation? Usually a success for any kind of buyer or even renter since it allows a few flexibility associated with access. If leasing properties provide the same accommodation the main one closest in order to public transportation will attain the greatest rent. Nearness to stores, sporting amenities and amusement also include value to some property.

Universities are additionally important but keep in mind that it must suit the actual potential residents. For instance the tenants of the one-bedroom apartment won&8217;t be interested inside a primary college nearby, however a college or instruction facility, that is close, is quite attractive in order to tenants.

If you are a investor appear carefully in the properties round the one you might be considering. That can give a touch to the kind of people who&8217;ve been attracted for this particular area. Are they such as the tenants you&8217;re hoping in order to attract? It&8217;s good to possess more costly properties inside your location, as they&8217;ll help keep up with the value associated with other properties in the region.

Many ethnicities have powerful beliefs concerning the various facets of a home. I have discovered that these types of beliefs frequently make sense. Running drinking water nearby or in a property is actually appealing however beware it might mean higher insurance charges. A home facing the street in a Tee intersection offers car headlights shining within the front windows through the night. Having a good oversized creating nearby may also change the actual ambiance of the building. Being near to major roads towards the city is okay if you can&8217;t listen to the visitors. Check the place for sound levels on the rainy day time.

As a good investor you need to think such as the tenant you will need to attract. What things can make the difference for them &8211; could it be family such things as playgrounds kindergartens as well as schools or even for singles/couples the life-style amenities such as trendy espresso shops? If you cannot afford your own first range of suburb, take a look at its encircling areas. It may be worth making the effort to find the correct location to your requirements and your financial allowance.